How OKIKO works

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How OKIKO works

Step 1 Register as a parent

In just a few clicks you can become an OKIKO user. Data privacy and security are our priority. Registration is of course completely free!

Step 2 Create a kids account

You can now create and manage a personal OKIKO account for each child. You decide how much pocket money they get! The account can of course never be overdrawn.

Ready! Explore the OKIKO Shopping World

And registration is complete: safe and easy shopping fun can begin in our child-friendly partner shops!

OKIKO Filter Function

The OKIKO Filter Function ensures that your children can only buy products that are appropriate for them: before the final purchase, we check every item and wait for authorization from parents. The Filter offers you maximum safety and transparency.


Online shopping for kids

OKIKO offers children and teenagers their first direct access to the exciting world of online shopping:

Play & learn

OKIKO is a child-friendly learning environment about money. Fun, games and learning are all combined in our educational games and amazing articles.


Making saving fun: individual saving schemes help children to learn how they can make their dreams come true by saving cleverly.

Our shops

OKIKO has partnerships with the most popular child-friendly shops. From multimedia to fashion and toys: there are awesome things on offer for everyone!

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